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Experience the thrill of driving a ZEROMAX in just a blink of an eye. Our fast delivery ensures you hit the road with electric vibes in record time. Say goodbye to long waiting periods and hello to the future of urban mobility right at your doorstep. Seize the opportunity – your ZEROMAX adventure begins in just two weeks!

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A limited range of pre-configured vehicles are already ready for delivery waiting for you, with all the technology and reliability features that have made ZEROMAX famous.


ZEROMAX is a world of color, and of endless customisation possibilities. Even among the vehicles on stock you can choose from a wide range of available colors. Contact us to find out what configurations are now available.

Financing options

Don’t miss the chance to juggle the urban jungle with the new ZEROMAX. Even on vehicles on stock you can take advantage of some benefits. Contact us for information on financing and Tazzari ecobonus.


• Two selectable sizes of batteries, range over 200 kilometers with LITHIUM BIG batteries
• Top speed is 80 kmh, two battery options for both urban and extra-urban routes
• Electropowered braking system
• Evolved energy recovery for extraordinary range
• Easy recharge with a household power outlet, such as a smartphone
• From zero to 80% in less than an hour, based on the battery size and charger chosen and the selectable charging power: 3 charging speeds and 2 driving modes.


The innovative ‘safety cell’ is a meticulously crafted shield that encapsulates decades of Tazzari’s chassis design and casting expertise. Drawing from 60 years of knowledge, the safety cell in the ZEROMAX is a testament to our dedication to rider safety. Engineered with precision, it ensures that every journey is not only stylish and efficient but, above all, the safest ride in its class.

Trust the ZEROMAX to deliver not just on performance, but on the promise of a secure and protected driving experience.


Step into the future of driving with the ZEROMAX, where Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and connectivity redefine your in-car experience.
Seamlessly integrated, the HMI in the ZEROMAX puts control at your fingertips, offering an intuitive and interactive interface that enhances your connection with the vehicle.

Stay effortlessly connected on the go with cutting-edge connectivity features that bring the power of technology to every journey.

Refined Eco-chic

The machine is not merely a mode of transport; it’s a statement, adorned with exquisite details that elevate its aesthetic appearance. Immerse yourself in the allure of full customizability, allowing you to tailor every inch to your unique taste. Whether it’s choosing eco-friendly materials or adding bespoke details, the ZEROMAX ensures that your drive is a reflection of your style and commitment to sustainability.

It’s not just a car; it’s your canvas for an eco-chic journey, where every detail tells a story of mindful luxury.

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Unlock the extraordinary at unbeatable prices! Our ZEROMAX display vehicles, showcased at the prestigious EICMA, are now ready to find their new home. Benefit from exclusive discounts on these carefully crafted, attention-grabbing electric vehicles. Immerse yourself in the style, efficiency, and innovation of ZEROMAX, now at reduced prices.
Don’t miss this chance to own a piece of EICMA glamour – limited stock, exceptional savings. Secure your ZEROMAX today and drive away with style, sophistication, and unbeatable value.

Discover our financing options and Tazzari Ecobonus

Ask us for information to take advantage of benefits on the Tazzari EV range.

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