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Empower your journey into electric mobility with Tazzari EV’s cutting-edge EV R&D consultancy services.

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Since 2006, we’ve been pioneers in the development of highly efficient and innovative electric vehicles. Our team of specialists handles everything from design and prototype creation to chassis and frame development, approvals, and the integration of ultra-light materials. We specialize in crafting cutting-edge electric powertrains and energy management systems, boasting a successful track record of over 50 completed EV projects and millions of kilometers covered on roads worldwide.

In Imola, we not only create all Tazzari EV vehicles but also provide support to third-party companies in developing electric vehicles and establishing production lines in other countries. This is based on the extensive know-how and licensing opportunities derived from the Tazzari EV range

We specialise in guiding manufacturing plants and processes through a seamless transition to electrification. With a wealth of experience derived from the Tazzari Group and its 60 years of legacy in chassis design and engineering for Motor Valley’s luxury brands, Tazzari EV is your strategic partner in navigating the electric future.

R&D Services

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from concept
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Our consultancy services encompass every aspect of the electrification journey, from concept to implementation. Whether you’re a manufacturer aiming to revolutionize your lineup or an importer seeking to bring the latest in electric mobility to your market, our team is dedicated to accelerating your success. Let’s collaborate and electrify the future together. Contact us to explore how our EV R&D consultancy services can be tailored to supercharge your production capabilities and position you at the forefront of the electric revolution.

Product development
Case histories

Dive into the success stories of Tazzari EV’s license-ready case history portfolio, a testament to our versatility and innovation in the electric mobility landscape. From the electric supercars that redefine high-performance driving, world-class performance motorbikes, to 7-seater full electric SUV projects designed for a sustainable future, and the first electric paving machine in the world– our portfolio spans the spectrum of electric vehicles.

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All the power of lightness


Tazzari EV is a pioneer of this technological innovation in the automotive sector and powers the entire range of its electric cars by means of this metal, the lightest on Earth and with a very high electrochemical potential. Tazzari EV has chosen since the beginning LFP because they are the safest lithium batteries*, these energy accumulators have transformed the world of electric vehicles and allow extraordinary range and performance for a very high number of use cycles, up to 3,000 recharges. *Tazzari EV lithium batteries have 2-years warranty, extendable up to 5 years

Take the road of freedom

Record-breaking autonomy

In Europe, more than 90% of the people drives for less than 100 kilometers a day and 70% less than 30 kilometers, choose the right battery size among the various options that Tazzari EV offers for each model in the related car configurators.

Tazzari EV has always been synonymous with extraordinary range, thanks to the advanced electronic management of lithium batteries, the lightness of the materials used and the energy recovery system both in deceleration and braking.

Just plug in!

Rechargeable everywhere

You can recharge anywhere quickly and easily.
Tazzari EV range can be connected to domestic sockets and both public and private charging stations, furthermore the LFP lithium batteries have no memory effect and allow recharging at any time.

You can select the charging speed from three available modes because all Tazzari electric vehicles are equipped with an integrated multi-speed battery charger.

Recharging has never been easier!