11,5 kW/15 kW peak


312 km*

Max Speed

65 kmh

Max Capacity



Say hello to the ZEROMAX CUBO – the urban worker’s dream machine. It’s not just a vehicle; it’s your savvy, electric sidekick for the modern world.
Perfectly engineered for sustainable and agile urban operations, this compact wonder is the answer to all your logistics needs.

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Safe, light, chic & smart.
Like everything should be.

Whether you’re hustling through city deliveries, orchestrating industrial logistics, or even working at the maintenance wide green spaces, the ZEROMAX CUBO is your go-to companion.

Get ready to redefine work, the smart and eco-friendly way, with the ZEROMAX CUBO – your solution for a brighter, more efficient future.

Your version

Tailor your professional journey with the ZEROMAX CUBO – where versatility meets customization. With the ZEROMAX CUBO lineup, whether you prioritize weather resilience, flexible carrying capacity, or a customizable touch, there’s a version crafted to meet your every professional need..

Choose the Van for all-weather reliability, opt for the Pick Up for a nimble yet spacious cargo solution. For those who crave personalization, the Naked variant is the canvas for your creativity, allowing you to make a unique statement in the world of professional mobility.


Meet the ZEROMAX CUBO Van – your all-weather delivery maestro. Engineered for the challenges of every season, this version ensures that your deliveries go off without a hitch, rain or shine. With a weatherproof design and compact agility, the Van is the ultimate solution for professionals who demand reliability in any condition. Deliver with confidence, knowing that the ZEROMAX CUBO Van has got your back, no matter what the forecast holds.


Introducing the ZEROMAX CUBO Pick Up – your versatile cargo companion for flexible carrying capacity. Built to adapt to the ever-changing demands of urban logistics, the Pick Up version offers a nimble yet spacious solution. Whether you’re hauling goods, tools, or supplies, the ZEROMAX CUBO Pick Up ensures you have the flexibility and capacity you need. Embrace the freedom to tackle diverse challenges with ease, making every delivery a breeze with the Pick Up variant.


Unleash your creativity with the ZEROMAX CUBO Naked – the customizable canvas for professionals who want to make a statement. This version is all about flexibility and personalization. Stripped down to its essential form, the Naked ZEROMAX CUBO allows you to add your unique touch. Tailor it to your brand, showcase your style, or integrate the features that matter most to your business. With the Naked version, the ZEROMAX CUBO becomes a reflection of your professional identity, ensuring that your deliveries not only arrive on time but make a lasting impression.

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it up

Personalize your ZEROMAX experience with a world of customization possibilities! ZEROMAX isn’t just a car; it’s a canvas for your unique style. Choose from a palette of vibrant colors, sleek finishes, and cutting-edge accessories to make it truly yours.

With a range of options that cater to your taste, the ZEROMAX ensures that your ride stands out in every way. Embrace the freedom to tailor your journey and let your ZEROMAX tell your story on the streets.

Zeromax cubo
Tech Specs

Discover all the technical features of ZEROMAX CUBO – the urban worker’s dream machine.

  • Category: L7e-CU
  • Power: 11,5 kW/15 kW peak
  • Battery: Lithium LFP up to 3.000 charging cycles
  • Maximum Range: 99/212/312 km on WMTC cycle
  • Maximum speed: 65 kmh
  • Loading platform maximum capacity: 499 kg
  • Trunk capacity: 150/310/510 liters
  • Height: 1.668 mm
  • Lenght: 3.228 mm
  • Width: 3.228 mm

  • Technology: Lithium battery – Battery Management System Tazzari EV Technology
  • Battery charger: Multipower integrated 230V battery charger, 3 speed 2kW
  • Warranty: Lithium battery, two-years warranty

  • Keyless System
  • Electric heating system
  • Charging status indicator and instantaneous consumption display
  • 2 driving modes: ECO – SPORT
  • Electropowered braking system with energy recovery

  • Front Lights 3 functions FULL LED
  • LED Daytime Running Lights
  • Rear lights FULL LED
  • Double reverse LED light
  • LED internal courtesy lights

  • Tempered glass tilting sunroof
  • Seating in black eco leather and white stitching
  • Aluminium sports pedals
  • Tempered glass dashboard with 7” monitor
  • Braking system with 4 discs
  • 14” rims with 165/65 tyres
  • Phone charging USB port
  • Integrated Bluetooth audio system
  • Invisible eXciters speakers

  • Warranty: Two years warranty excluding wear parts