Zero 4


11,5 kW/25 kW peak


180 km*


90 kmh

Max Speed

750 liters


Meet the ZERO 4 OPENSKY – your VIP pass to a world of open-air luxury and non-stop fun.

It’s not just a set of wheels; it’s your stylish, eco-smart sidekick for creating unforgettable moments.

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The Eco-chic side
Of the good-life

Designed for maximum excitement and sustainability, the ZERO 4 OPENSKY is the ‘good life’ seamlessly woven into a fully electric adventure.

Get ready to effortlessly weave through your best moments, craft unforgettable memories, and embrace a sustainable, lavish lifestyle with ZERO 4 OPENSKY. Let’s roll!

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Introducing the Zero 4 Opensky Tender, the mini SUV-style electric vehicle, ideal for zero emission travel in private areas, with the ability to carry up to 4 people or have a rear load capacity of over 750 liters. Easy recharge with a household power outlet, such as a smartphone.
From zero to 80% in less than an hour, based on the battery size and charger chosen and the selectable charging power: 3 charging speeds and 3 driving modes.


Meet the Zero 4 Opensky Limited, the mini SUV that extends its use also to public roads, ideal for commuting up to 4 people in a fun and unconventional electric vehicle.
Maximum speed is 60 kmh, safety guaranteed by the load-bearing frame with passenger compartment and aluminum roll bar, large tires, electropowered braking system with 4 disc brakes, available ABS and advanced energy recovery for extraordinary ranges.


Experience pure freedom with the Zero 4 Opensky Sport, the most powerful and performing mini SUV that allows quick travel and guaranteed driving fun on urban and extra-urban routes.
Maximum speed is 90 kmh, long distances up to 180 km with Lithium BIG batteries, safety guaranteed by the load-bearing frame with passenger cell and aluminum roll bar, large tires, electropowered braking system with 4 disc brakes, available ABS and advanced energy recovery for extraordinary ranges.

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Embark on a journey of personal expression with the ZERO 4 OPENSKY – where customization is an art form straight from the factory. Our out-of-the-factory full customization option invites you to shape your ZERO 4 OPENSKY into a vision of personal style and adventure.

From choosing vibrant exteriors to crafting a bespoke interior, this is more than a vehicle; it’s a canvas for your unique taste. With the ZERO 4 OPENSKY, your journey begins not just on the road but in the design studio, creating a convertible that’s a true expression of you.

Zero 4 opensky
Tech Specs

Discover all the technical features of ZERO 4 OPENSKY, your VIP pass to a world of open-air luxury and non-stop fun.

  • Category: SPORT & LIMITED: L7e category 4 seater
    TENDER: 2/4 seaters vehicle for private areas use
  • Power: SPORT: 15 kW/25 kW peak
    LIMITED & TENDER: 6 kW/10 kW peak
  • Battery: Lithium LFP up to 3.000 charging cycles
  • Maximum Range: SPORT: 180 km with Lithium BIG Batteries 14 kWh in WMTC cycle
    LIMITED & TENDER: 137 km with Lithium BIG Batteries 9 kWh in WMTC cycle
  • Maximum speed: SPORT: 90 kmh
    LIMITED: 60 kmh
    TENDER: 45 kmh
  • Loading capacity: 40/640/750 liters
  • Trunk capacity: 1.600 mm
  • Height: 1.668 mm
  • Lenght:3.135 mm
  • Width:1.500 mm

  • Technology: Lithium battery – Battery Management System Tazzari EV Technology
  • Battery charger: Multipower integrated 230V battery charger, 3 speed 2kW
  • Warranty: Lithium battery, two-years warranty

  • Keyless System
  • Electric heating system
  • Charging status indicator and instantaneous consumption display
  • 2 driving modes: ECO – SPORT
  • Electropowered braking system with energy recovery

  • Front Lights 3 functions FULL LED
  • LED Daytime Running Lights
  • Rear lights FULL LED
  • Double reverse LED light
  • LED internal courtesy lights

  • Aluminium sports pedals
  • Touch dashboard with tempered glass and 7″ monitor
  • Braking system with 4 discs
  • Black steel rims 14″ with All Season tires 165/70
  • Dashboard storage compartment 7 lt. with electric lock
  • Rear compartment with door 40 lt.
  • Rear compartment 640 lt.
  • Rear compartment with passenger seat folded down 750 lt.
  • Integrated Bluetooth audio system
  • Invisible eXciters speakers

  • Warranty: Two years warranty excluding wear parts