At TAZZARI EV, our engineering DNA is a testament to a legacy built over 60 years within the esteemed TAZZARI Group. Drawing from this extensive experience, our engineering know-how is rooted in the art and science of designing and crafting chassis elements for the most luxurious brands in the Motor Valley.


When you choose TAZZARI EV, you’re not just getting a car; you’re stepping into the pinnacle of engineering excellence, where the past fuels the future and every drive is a testament to six decades of mastery.

Since 2010,
a history of excellence
and lateral thinking.

We defy the laws of physics with advanced technologies and meticulously selected materials, setting a standard that transcends conventional boundaries. Every TAZZARI EV product benefits from this approach, built with precision and excellence and aligned with the highest standards of the automotive sector. Our engineering philosophy is not just about building electric vehicles; it’s about crafting experiences that marry performance, safety, and innovation in perfect harmony.

The frames of all Tazzari EV electric vehicles are designed and manufactured with load-bearing structural technology to ensure driving feel and safety at the highest levels. Ultra-light aluminum castings, aluminum and steel profiles, bonding with aerospace-derived glues—there are no limits to the modularity of the engineering solutions applied in each specific project. The goal is always to combine maximum lightness with very high structural characteristics.

All in one element:
TAZZARI EV Safety cell

At TAZZARI EV, our commitment to safety isn’t just a feature; it’s a philosophy that echoes in every curve of our revolutionary Safety Cell chassis.
Crafted with precision and passion, this innovative technology represents our unwavering dedication to safeguarding every journey. Inspired by a belief that mobility should harmonize with security, the Safety Cell is more than a chassis; it’s a sanctuary on wheels. We designed it with a meticulous blend of cutting-edge engineering and timeless values – a commitment to protecting what matters most.

And there’s more to the TAZZARI EV experience. A simple touch on the central dashboard, and the performance changes instantly, allowing you to instantly change acceleration, energy recovery, and electric braking power, depending on the driving conditions. Much more than a “simple” electric car, TAZZARI EV vehicles offer human-machine interaction through various driving modes, in order to have the ideal range and performance at all times.

As the safest chassis technology in its segment, the Safety Cell reflects our core values of reliability, innovation, and a profound responsibility to drivers and passengers alike. Choose TAZZARI EV, where safety isn’t just a priority; it’s the very foundation of every drive, ensuring you explore the road ahead with confidence and peace of mind.

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